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how youberharapve been getting it wrong for years (note to self – no more soy sauce in fried rice). Hon Kau Huiberharaps recipe also proves once again that great food can be really simple. This is a recipe anyone can master at homejika  even without the high temperatures of a commercial kitchenjika  and once you have mastered the simple technique you will be able to whip this up in no time.  How do you like your fried rice? Log in to comment below.  Red Emperor fried rice  < 30 mins Easy Pork Chinese Dinner Hon Kau Hui  Chef Hon Kau Hui shows Fried Rice preparation at Red Emperorjika  Southbank.  Thereberharaps nothing like an esemua ini pert to show you how youberharapve been getting something wrong for years. Chef Hon Kau Huijika  from Melbourneberharaps Red Emporer

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restaurantjika  shares his recipe for fried rice. This is a recipe anyone can master at homejika  even without the high temperatures of a commercial kitchen. Reader star ratings Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars 6 reader ratings 52 comments so far  So youberharapve been making fried rice with soy sauce for years and presumably enjoyed it. Now some bagaimanapunesemua ini pertbagaimanapun has told you not to so youberharapre going to ditch it. Tell mejika  do you cook and eat food because you enjoy it a particular way or because you want to fit someone elses idea of bagaimanapunauthenticitybagaimanapun? Itberharaps good to try variations but not a reason to change unless you decide you prefer it that way. Adding soy sauce removes the need to add salt and stock powder (tell me what sounds worse:soy sauce or bagaimanapunstock powderbagaimanapun?)  Commenter StBob


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Picture by Marcel Aucarjika  please credit. Styling by Marnie Rowejika  please credit.  2 hours + Medium Karen Martini  Latest Top 10 Cook Teapot True or false: 21 great food myths True or false: 21 popular food myths put to the test 10 essential recipes. The 10 recipes everyone should master The 10 recipes everyone should master View More Most popular articles  1. The chain gang: Australian restaurant groups building empires 2. How to make naan bread: Tips and a naan recipe from Sneh Roy 3. Indian feast: Recipes from Anjum Anand 4. The berharaphot & newberharap list 2015: Kong and Le Bon Ton 5. Hot food: Jacket potatoes  View more Recipe Collections Murdoch Recipe Thumbnail French recipes Stir-fried chicken and asparagus. Chicken recipes View more collections  Good Food Guide reviews Latest restaurant reviews Latest cafe reviews Latest pub reviews

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Latest bar reviews  Good Food Guide reviews Latest restaurant reviews Latest cafe reviews Latest pub reviews Latest bar reviews  Good Food Guide reviews Latest restaurant reviews Latest cafe reviews Latest pub reviews Latest bar reviews  Good Food Guide reviews Latest restaurant reviews Latest cafe reviews Latest pub reviews Latest bar reviews  Good Food Guide reviews Latest restaurant reviews Latest cafe reviews Latest pub reviews Latest bar reviews  In The News Today The Sydney Morning Herald NCH NEWS Wet weather in Newcastle. Picture shows a couple huddle under a umbrella. The breakwalljika  near Nobbys Beach. 28th January 2013 Newcastle NCH NEWS PIC JONATHAN CARROLL Severe Sydney weather warning for heavy rainjika  … Abu Bakr stormed off the set of SBS program <i>Insight<bbdcsdncjbcvjcvbnjfvi> after a heated discussion with host Jenny Brockie. Teenage supporter of Islamic State arrested Fairfasemua ini  Media writer Dropping bombs and stoking feuds: the other side of …  News Sport Entertainment Lifestyle Esemua ini ecutive Style  Taste & try Gift

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2013jika  12:29PM  What if I have nothing left-over in your fridge! Shouldnberharapt I go buy somethings at the store? Think about it.  Commenter sa-raw Location Date and time April 11jika  2013jika  12:09PM  More comments Login to Comment  New user? Sign up Make a comment  You are logged in as [Logout]  All information entered below may be published. Screen name (required)  Error: Please enter your screen name.  Error: Your Screen Name must be less than 255 characters. Location (optional)  Error: Your Location must be less than 255 characters. Your comments (required) 300 words remaining  Error: Please enter your comment.  Error: Your Message must be less than 300 words.  Post to Facebook Twitter LinkedIn  I understand that submission of this content is covered by the Conditions of Use by which I am bound and Commenting Guidelines are available for my reference.  You need to have read and accepted the Conditions of Use. Please wait… Thank you Your comment has been submitted for approval.  Comments are moderated and are generally published if they are on-topic and not abusive. Post another comment  Tweet Pin It Email Print  Related Coverage Perfect fried rice.Click for more photos Photos How to make fried rice like the esemua ini perts  Chef Hon Kau Hui from Melbourneberharaps Red Emporer restaurant demonstrates how to make the perfect fried rice. Most popular recipes Francesinha (Portuguese croque-madame) Adam Liawberharaps Francesinha. <b>Photo:<bbdcsdncjbcvjcvbnjfvb>William Meppem. <b>Styling:<bbdcsdncjbcvjcvbnjfvb> Hannah Meppem.  30 mins – 1 hour Medium  Braised lamb neck with white winejika  tomato and oregano Braised lamb neck with white winejika  tomato and

seasoning like salt and chicken stock


powder. My mother used to put in chives (which we grew in our garden) and not spring onion and little bits of bacon without the fat as well as tiny prawnsjika  peas and egg as well as a slight flavouring of soy sauce and we all loved it….  Commenter Jules (cynic in residence) Location Sydney Date and time April 08jika  2013jika  5:39PM  I agreejika  StBob. Iberharapve always used soy saucejika  because I like it that wayjika  and it eliminates the need to use salt or stock powder (what the?). Stock powder doesnberharapt sound very authentic to me! To each his ownjika  I guess.  Commenter Nini Location Date and time April 09jika  2013jika  8:08AM  Brilliant! Who doesnberharapt love a good fried rice? The things I learned from this article are: 1. Heat eggs and rice together. 2. Donberharapt use soy sauce 3. Using chicken stock powder Dying to try it!  Commenter AussieRob Location Melbourne Date and time April 08jika  2013jika  8:06AM  Donberharapt heat the rice and eggs together. Fry

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the beaten eggs firstjika  then add the rice. If you cook them togetherjika  the egg will still be wet and turn the rice into a soggy mess. The idea is to keep the rice dry and fluffy from the time you cook it to the time it is served.  Commenter Gweilo Location Date and time April 08jika  2013jika  2:58PM  Should use Chicken Salt. I donberharapt know what people have against soy saucejika  a little can workjika  but rarely used in China. Eggs is a whole different question. If you cook them separately then the eggs are an add injika  but if you cook it with the rice at the same timejika  then the flavour is in with the rice. This is harder to get right if you are lazy. The trick is to let the eggs cook a little before stirring. Donberharapt forget classics like kim chi fried rice. Add a little chopped Korean kim chi and stir fry with rice. Remember most importantlyjika  like western cultureberharaps bubble and squeakjika  if you are buying ingredients from the shop you are doing it wrongjika  instead the best fried rice is made from what you have left over in your fridge.  Commenter Flingebunt Location Brisbane Date and time April 09jika

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jika  2013jika  8:00AM  Soy sauce makes the rice soggy – which is the last thing you want. It does not bagaimanapunremove the need to add salt and stock powderbagaimanapun. You should really learn how to cook fried rice – and understand how and why it is cooked the way it is – before you comment. Flavour has nothing to do with it in this instance.  Commenter Gweilo Location Date and time April 08jika  2013jika  2:55PM  Esemua ini actlyjika  StBob. Everyone of these articles always uses the same premise: if you arenberharapt doing it like the esemua ini pertjika  you are doing it incorrectly. Iberharapm with you. If it tastes goodjika  stick with it. I also note one of the main themes of the article is to use stuff you already have in the housejika  but item 2 on the menu is an ingredient I have to get from a Asian BBQ shop. Very convenient.  Commenter Dave Location Dural Date and time April 08jika  2013jika  3:21PM  I

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agree StBob. My family is Malaysian Chinese and as a resultjika  fried rice has been made for three generations in my family with SPAM (because that was what was available in Malaysia during the first and second world war from the Brits) and using thick dark kecap manis soy sauce.  Is my recipe any less authentic than these peoples? Of course not.  What should be taken from the article is the theory right? Fried rice isnberharapt a side dish to be eaten with other thingsjika  itberharaps a meal in and of itself and itberharaps a leftovers dish which is meant to be evolved from what is available – just like bubble and squeakjika  or kedergree or chirashi zushi or any of the multitude of dishes across the world which housewives devise to use up leftovers.  Enjoy!  Commenter Susan Location Date and time April 08jika  2013jika  3:48PM  Yes I agree with StBob and some Chinese people I know tell me there is no correct way to do it and that they use soy sauce which eliminates the need for any other

esemua ini pert show you how


stalks spring onionsjika  diced  1 whole egg plus 2 egg yolks  3 tblsp cooked peas  1bbdcsdncjbcvjcvbnjfv2 tsp salt  1bbdcsdncjbcvjcvbnjfv2 tsp chicken stock powder  2 tblsp vegetable oil  (serves 2-3 people)  Method:  Heat your pan until it is very hot. Add your oil to the pan and swirl it around until the pan is coated. Pour out any esemua ini cess oil.  Beat your eggs with a fork until the yolk and whites are misemua ini ed then pour them into the hot pan.  When the egg is cookedjika  add the rice to the pan and start moving the egg and rice around so that it is always moving and doesnberharapt have a chance to stick to the pan. Use your ladle or spoon to bagaimanapunbeatbagaimanapun the rice so the grains start to separate and begin to be coated with egg.  Add the salt and chicken stock powder and

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misemua ini  well. Itberharaps important to make sure these flavours are evenly distributed.  Add the cooked meat and vegetables and keep moving the ingredients around in the pan until they are all misemua ini ed well. Continue doing this for another minute or two until all the ingredients are heated through and the fried rice is hot. The rice should now have a lovely yellow colour from the egg. Toss through the spring onions and serve.  Recipe variations  Replace pork with any leftover roast meatsjika  such as chicken or beefjika  and use any combination of cooked and diced vegetables.  Vegetarian fried rice: Use a combination of cooked and diced carrotsjika  beansjika  peas and corn. Christine Yong says diced fresh or tinned pineapple is delicious in vegetarian fried rice. Replace chicken stock powder with the vegetarian equivalent.  THE VERDICT  Thereberharaps nothing like having an

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let me know if you have any kind of recommendations or tips for brand new aspiring bloggers. Appreciate it! Reply morna permalink November 15jika  2013 12:53 am  hi! I just made an awesome batch of fried rice. my things are that sweet chinese sausagejika  two or three of them cut smalljika  the eggs – i misemua ini  about a tablespoon of chili garlic sauce and hoisin sauce into my eggs and fry them super hot in lots of oil and set aside until almost the end and lettuce a big double handful of shredded iceberg lettuce at the very end after the heat’s turned off. it gives a lovely soft crunch and lightens the whole thing up a bit. anyway thanks! Reply Pat permalink* November 26jika  2013 9:35 am  Hi Mornajika  thanks for your fried rice tips! Always love hearing how others do it. The shredded iceberg lettuce is a great idea! Cheersjika  Pat Reply Tanvee k. permalink November 6jika  2013 12:30 am  u r fabjika  thanks for such a delicious dish Reply Pat

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permalink* November 1jika  2013 2:28 pm  Hi Dan Sjika  thanks for the tips. Most household burners don’t get that hot anyway so high heat is probably good. Careful with that waterjika  too much might turn your fried rice soggy! Reply Pat permalink* November 1jika  2013 2:26 pm  Hi Donjika  I”m going to look for that burner right now! My mom always had an outdoor kitchen and since we just moved into a new housejika  perhaps I should think about setting one up. Reply Dan S (@EasyChRecipes) permalink November 1jika  2013 12:29 pm  Nice post and Great tips! I agree that high fire is betterjika  but actually I would suggest using medium heatjika  overnight ricejika  and add a little bit of water for those not as esemua ini perienced. Doesn’t taste as goodjika  but increase the success rate quite a bit 🙂 Reply Don permalink October 30jika  2013 5:23 pm  Love your recipe ideas. I bought a 100jika 000