Christine Yong says


fried rice is traditionally made with the ingredients you have at home and is a good way to use up leftover cooked meats and vegetables.  The recipe below should simply be a guide – once you have mastered the technique you can play around with ingredients and quantities.  Yong says fried rice is a dish for when youberharapre bagaimanapunfeeling lazybagaimanapun – you shouldnberharapt have to go shoppingjika  or go to too much effort.  She says in Chinese culture fried rice is considered a meal in itselfjika  rather than a side dishjika  and can be eaten at any time of day. COOKING TIPS  Rice  Cooked rice should be spread out on a tray and cooled (but not left out of the fridge for more than two hours)jika  then refrigerated. Refrigeration helps draw moisture out of the rice.

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If you donberharapt have any pre-cooked ricejika  Yong says you can slightly reduce the amount of water used in your rice cooker to achieve cooked but dry ricejika  ready for immediate use.  Meat and vegetables  Apart from the eggsjika  which are fried at the time of cookingjika  and the spring onionsjika  which are left rawjika  all the ingredients for fried rice should be pre-cookedjika  as the frying process is only long enough to heat them through. All meats and vegetables should be diced – you want them all roughly the same size.    ALT Hon Kau Huiberharaps Red Emperor fried rice  Equipment:  Chopping boardjika  sharp knifejika  non-stick frypan or wok  Ingredients:  500g cooked rice (about 2 cups raw rice)  300g char siew pork (from an Asian BBQ shop)jika


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