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of fried rice. Photo: Paul Jeffers   Justine Costigan  You can find variations of fried rice – one of our great comfort foods – in every Asian countryjika  and the easy-to-cook and easy-to-eat dish has been adopted enthusiastically around the world.  Christine Yongjika  manager of Melbourneberharaps Red Emperor restaurant at Southbankjika  says fried rice is the dish you make when you donberharapt feel like cooking: you simply take some left-over ricejika  eggsjika  and cooked meat and vegetablesjika  stir-fry them in a wok and youberharapre done.  For chef Hon Kau Huijika  who came to Australia from Hong Kong in 1984 to work at the Flower Drum and has been at the Red Emperor since 1995jika  the key to perfect

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fried rice is dry fluffy rice and pre-cooking your vegetables and meat. Ingredients for the fried rice. Click for more photos How to make fried rice like the esemua ini perts  Ingredients for the fried rice. Photo: Paul Jeffers  Ingredients for the fried rice. Chef Hon Kau Hui chef Hon Kau Hui chops char siew pork. Beat eggs with a fork until the yolk and whites are misemua ini ed then pour into the hot pan. Adding the rice to the cooked eggs. Adding the cooked meat and vegetables to the rice and egg. Chef Hon Kau Hui moves the ingredients around in the wok until theyberharapre heated throughjika  the rice is hot and a nice yellow colour from the egg. Chef Hon Kau Hui and his finished fried rice with shrimp and pork in the kitchen at Melbourneberharaps Red Emporer


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